Thinking About Nootropic Coffee

Thinking About Nootropic Coffee? Here’s What You Need To Know

With nootropics becoming increasingly more popular, it’s started to be blended with a few other products. One of the more interesting of these. The nootropics have been known to enhance and add to the effects of the coffee. That could mean much more energy, alongside other benefits.

However, the past few years have seen an explosion in the number of options available. That could make you feel overwhelmed. More specifically, it could lead you to wonder what the best nootropic coffee is. As simple a question as that might be, it could be somewhat more difficult than you would have thought.

The Best Nootropic Coffee: 5 Top Contenders

There can be a lot of things that affect what you want in a coffee. Naturally, everyone has their own tastes, alongside what they want out of the nootropics themselves. That could mean that what’s great for you might not be for someone else. The opposite could also be true.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few specific options that you should consider. Instead, there are several that are highly recommended. Part of this might be because of taste. However, the majority of it is because they have a substantial number of benefits.

As such, they’re all coffees that should be high up on any nootropic lovers list.

1. Elevacity – Elevate Smart Coffee with Nootropics

Not all nootropics are great for providing energy. That’s why many of them are mixed with coffee, as you can get the benefits of both worlds. However, it’s rare for a nootropic to enhance a coffee’s effects while also adding several of its own. As uncommon as this might be, it’s exactly what these Elevacity – Elevate Smart Coffee with nootropics do.

That should mean that you’ll get a decent bump in energy while also improving your memory and mental clarity. That should be something that most of us would want in our coffee. There are several other benefits, such as this being enjoyable either hot or cold. They will also reduce food cravings quite often, which is another appealing trait.

If you’re buying them, then you should get a decent amount of the supplement with your purchase. As such, it should last you quite a while and makes it worth the money. Like other nootropics, though, this has a bad taste. Most of this is in the aftertaste, so you might need to drink something else straight afterward.


  • Should help improve energy, mental clarity, and memory.
  • Can be enjoyed hot or cold.
  • Should help reduce any food cravings.
  • Decent amount of supplement included in your purchase.


  • Has a bad aftertaste.


2. VitaCup Lightning Dark Roast Coffee Pods

One of the main reasons that people want coffee nootropics is that they need a decent and sustained boost in energy. That’s where the majority of nootropics shine, which makes picking the best one quite difficult. There are quite a few high-quality options to choose from.

These VitaCup Lightning Dark Roast Coffee Pods are one of the better options, thanks primarily to how much energy it can provide. Coupled with this are a few other notable benefits. For example, the fact that they’re pods means that they’re easier to make your coffee with.

That’s quite a benefit when compared to alternatives that require a lot of mixing. There are also a large number of pods included in the purchase, so they should last you a while. Naturally, that depends on how much coffee you typically drink in a day.

As high-quality as these are, they have been known to cause dizziness and headaches. While these shouldn’t happen often, they can every once in a while. If this happens, you should stop drinking the coffee immediately, though you could try a new cup several hours later. This could be quite a problem for many people.


  • Provides a significant energy boost.
  • Contains a decent number of vitamins.
  • Much easier to use these pods than some formulae.
  • Should be enough pods to last you a while.


  • Can cause headaches and dizziness.


3. HANAH Coffee Boost

While most people will want nootropic coffee will do so for the energy benefits, they’re not the only reason why they’re popular. Instead, there are several other advantages that you could capitalize on. One thing you could consider is a mood enhancement.

That’s what this HANAH Coffee Boost offers in spades. However, boosting your mood and increasing your energy aren’t the only things it can do. Instead, they can help with your brain health by promoting concentration and improving memory. Naturally, this could all be welcome benefits for many people.

Taste tends to be a negative factor for many people. That’s not the case here, though, as these taste much nicer than their alternatives. There are also quite a few servings included in a pack, which should be attractive. Despite all of the benefits, the energy boost might not be as much as you might want.

Given the combination of all the other benefits, though, that mightn’t be too much of a drawback.


  • Helps improve mood, concentration, and energy.
  • Can help with a lot of brain health areas, such as memory.
  • Contains more servings than some competitors.
  • Has a more pleasant taste than others.


  • Might not improve energy as much as you might want.


4. Human Nutrition Project’s I’m Stamina Coffee

One of the largest problems with nootropics is their taste, as they can often be a little mushroom-y. As a result, many people don’t like consuming them, especially coffeed q. There’s also the fact that many of them can be known for causing the jitters or the shakes. You’ll want to avoid these as much as possible.

That’s what you can do with the Human Nutrition Project’s I’m Stamina Coffee. However, they’re not the only benefits that you’ll see from these. Instead, you’ll see a significant boost in mental clarity and focus, which should be quite welcome. They’re also vegan and made from non-GMO ingredients, which makes it healthier than many alternatives.

However, the benefits that you can get from these might not last as long as you’d find with many competitors. That could mean that you’ll end up using them much more than others. As a result, you’ll replace them much faster than other nootropics.


  • Offers a lot of focus and mental clarity.
  • Shouldn’t cause any jitters.
  • Doesn’t have a mushroom-y aftertaste.
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and healthier than other options.


  • Might not last as long as other options.


5. Mastermind Coffee’s Morning Fog Lifter Single Serve Cups

Few people like the taste of many nootropics. In the majority of cases, they tolerate the taste to get the benefits that the product offers. Over the past few years, however, more manufacturers have been looking at improving their nootropics’ taste. Some have done so much better than others.

Mastermind Coffee’s Morning Fog Lifter Single Serve Cups are one such option, as they’re one of the better tasting options. That alone could make them one of the more attractive choices for you, but the good news doesn’t end there. These are also one of the more fast-acting nootropics you can choose.

Coupled with this are the mental benefits that they have, as you’ll have increased clarity and focus. Lastly is that they offer a decent amount of energy throughout the day. However, there are some notable drawbacks to this option.

The largest of these is that it can cause stomach aches. This gets worse if you drink a couple of cups of it throughout the day. Naturally, this is relatively avoidable if you space out your cups and don’t drink them too fast.


  • Much nicer taste than many of its competitors.
  • Offers a lot of mental clarity and focus.
  • Should be fast-acting.
  • Provides a decent amount of energy.


  • Can cause stomach aches.


What To Know About Coffee Nootropics

While everybody knows what coffee is, few people will understand what nootropics are. After all, you might not have heard of the term before. That could make it difficult to figure out what the potential benefits of it are, alongside whether you should use it.

That’s the case regardless of whether you’ll be taking them with coffee or something else. In short, these are products or chemicals that have been shown to have positive effects on mental faculties. That means that they can have benefits in a few different ways.

However, it’s worth noting that these benefits are spread across several areas. These include:

  • Sleep Aids;
  • Energy Boost;
  • Improved Memory;
  • Enhanced Concentration;
  • Better Motivation, and;
  • An Improved Mood.

You might also be wondering whether or not nootropics are safe. After all, they may be having an impact on your brain and the rest of your body; you wouldn’t want this to be a bad thing. There has been an overwhelming amount of research into nootropics. However, a lot more of this is still ongoing.

By all high-quality reports, nootropics have been shown to be safe. However, this can be quite complicated, as medical issues and other problems could come into play. As such, this is more of a ‘yes, depending on your needs’ kind of answer. It’s also been highlighted that you should only take nootropics under certain dosages.

Going above this could cause side effects, some of which could be major. This can vary from one product to another, which means that you’ll have to check the packaging. Potency and ingredients will play large roles in this, which means that some options will have lower recommended dosages than others. Since it can affect your health, spending the time researching this will be well invested.

Speaking of potency, that’s an aspect that many people will want to pay attention to. Safety isn’t the only reason. Instead, it also affects the nootropics’ strength and how effective it will be. Generally, you should look for a product that has a mid to high potency, as these will be the most effective.

Since you’ll be taking these nootropics in the form of coffee, you’ll have to factor in the product’s taste. Unfortunately, quite a few options are known for having a somewhat unpleasant taste. These can all be in unique ways though, with some tasting like mushrooms while others taste too bitter.

Some can also be too sweet. Naturally, a lot of this will have to do with your personal preferences. Some brands will offer their products in different tastes, which could be a positive thing. At a minimum, the tastes should make the coffee much more palatable.

Thankfully, a decent number of them can be mixed with other things, such as milk and honey. That should get rid of the bad taste in many options, though they still won’t taste the same as regular coffee. This won’t always be a bad thing, though, as some will taste much nicer.


All of the above options come highly recommended. That should mean that they’ll be well worth your consideration. It could be worth trying each of them for a little while. Doing so should help you figure out what the best nootropic coffee is for you. It will give you a sense of how they taste, alongside what each of the benefits for you will be.

If you can only try one of them, though, then the Elevacity – Elevate Smart Coffee might be the most attractive option. That’s because it greatly increases all of the effects that you want with the coffee without any negatives. While you’ll expect a bad taste, this isn’t going to come, making the drinking experience nice.

If that’s not to your liking, though, then the Human Nutrition Project’s I’m Stamina Coffee may be just as good a choice, if not better. Similar to the above, it doesn’t have many negatives but manages to add a significant number of benefits to the overall experience. That could make it a must-try for any coffee-lovers.

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