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Are Quercetin Liquid and Capsule Supplements Right for You?

Sometimes, using a dietary supplement is necessary to make up for nutrients we can’t get from food sources alone. However, before fully subscribing to the use of any nootropic or supplement, you should figure out if that’s the right move for you. Here, we’ll be looking at what quercetin liquid drops are and if they have any substantial benefits.

In addition to consulting health care professionals to further inform your decisions, you need to gather as much information as you can about any substances you intend to start taking.

This goes beyond just reading drug labels.

To help you with this, we’ve done the necessary legwork on quercetin and all its properties. What’s more, we’ve found some of the best products with the right amount of quercetin for you!

What is Quercetin?

This substance is a natural pigment belonging to a particular group of plant compounds known as flavonoids. Some sources where this compound can be readily found include, but aren’t limited to, fruits, tea, grains, vegetables and certain types of wine.

The proper delivery of quercetin into the blood system has several benefits. Many of these have been confirmed by animal and human cell culture studies.

Before consulting a health professional on whether or not to add this substance to your diet, here are some advantages as well as adverse effects of quercetin you should be aware of.

Advantages of Quercetin Liquid and Capsule Supplementation

1.   It May Limit the Onset of Inflammation

Quercetin’s antioxidant properties may help you limit the actions of free radicals in your blood and reduce inflammation.

What’s more, 500mg quercetin daily gummy intake in rheumatism patients was shown to relieve pain and increase ease of mobility.

2.   It Mitigates Symptoms of Allergies

The ability of this substance to induce allergy relief has been well-documented. Animal studies indicate that this substance can give a certain amount of allergy immunity to users.

However, extensive studies of its anti-allergic properties have yet to be conducted on humans, and it’s unclear whether or not it has the same level of response in human cells.

3.   It Can Lower Blood Pressure

Another possible benefit of a quercetin liquid drop addition to your diet is that it can help in blood pressure management. Rats introduced to measured doses of this substance showed improved blood circulation after it caused their blood vessels to relax.

A similar study in humans showed that 500 mg of quercetin resulted in a significant drop in blood pressure levels as well.

4.   It Can Reduce the Risk of Chronic Brain Disorders

Quercetin can also prevent several degenerative brain disorders. However, it bears mentioning that the compound had no effect at all on middle-stage Alzheimer’s.

5.   It Can Reduce the Effects of Aging

Activated quercetin has also been shown to prove quite effective against aging in some animal studies. Apart from eliminating aging cells, it also reduced several markers of aging.

However, more research needs to be done to understand this process.

Adverse Effects of Quercetin

For the most part, this dietary supplement is completely safe for consumption.

However, consuming more than 1,000 mg of quercetin in a day can cause tingling sensations, stomach aches, and headaches.

In addition to this, the interactions between quercetin and the body of pregnant and lactating women have not been properly studied. Because of this, you may want to stay away from the compound if you’re in either of these conditions.

Best Quercetin Liquid and Capsule Supplement

1. Stamiron Liquid AZQ

This supplement contains a high-quality extraction of quercetin and ionic liquid zinc drops. Combined with Vitamin A, these standard solutions boast a wide range of benefits.

Vitamin A acts as a skin rejuvenating compound. It gives your skin high immune system support, which helps you fight off acne and wrinkles and get glowing skin. It also positively impacts your eyesight.

The ionic liquid zinc drops thrown into the mix have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. They provide body immune system support and may help wounds heal faster.

Finally, the concentration of quercetin found in this supplement is optimized to ensure allergy relief, faster bruising and swelling reduction, and superior immune system support. It’s designed to enhance the performance of cells and keep you healthy.

 Supplement Composition (Per Serving): 

  • Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) – 20,000 IU
  • Zinc (Zinc Gluconate) and Quercetin – 23 mg 


  • It has a large serving per container.
  • It’s an Amazon’s Choice product.
  • It has a pleasant taste.
  • The blend of standard solutions it contains is remarkably potent.
  • It’s comparatively budget-friendly.
  • It is gluten and GMO-free. 


  • The precise concentration of quercetin in the dietary supplement is not specified.
  • Its cloudy solution may look unappealing to some people.
  • While the flavor of the supplement is fine, it has a mildly unpleasant aftertaste.
  •  It contains Polysorbate 80 and Red Dye #40. These are two ingredients that are often best avoided. 


2. Sandhu’s Zinc Quercetin Vegetarian Capsules

This solution helps your body get a full blast of the antioxidant activity and healing properties of quercetin. The organic compounds and organic solvents that it contains successfully sustain human cells.

With product certification from numerous third parties, you can count on these antioxidant compounds to keep you safe and healthy.

One of the reasons this particular liquid base made our list is the massive amount of quercetin compressed into its capsules. Just one tablet of this dietary supplement will supply your body with 400 mg of quercetin.

This makes it one of the most reliable resources you can count on to deal with everything from allergies to pollen sensitivites to minor respiratory health concerns.

In addition to this, it also provides sterling immune system support and can play a major part in helping you maintain better cardiovascular health.

It is also remarkably easy and comfortable to ingest. These pharmaceutical products offer an easy and convenient way for you to help out your body.

Supplement Composition (Per Serving)

  • Zinc (Zinc MonoMethionine Chelate Complex) – 22 mg
  • Quercetin (as Sophora Japonica) – 800 mg 


  • It’s designed to produce maximum immune-boosting effects and increase your resistance to pollen sensitivities and other allergens.
  • Its high content of quercetin further increases the bioavailability of zinc, helping your body benefit more from this supplement.
  • It’s unflavored, gluten-free, and perfect for use on a vegan diet.
  • It enhances respiratory health. 


  •  The pills may cause diarrhea. 


3. NatureBell Quercetin Capsules

If you’re looking for one of the strongest and most unadulterated forms of quercetin in pharmaceutical products, then you should definitely consider what NatureBell has to offer!

Its formula contains 500 mg of quercetin.

The strong antioxidant compounds that it introduces into the blood system effectively ease allergies, boost immune system response and facilitate improved cell uptake combination therapy.

The product certification that this supplement has is proof of its high level of efficacy and trustworthiness.

Apart from the 1,000 mg of pure quercetin, the magnesium stearate, rice flour and gelatin in these capsules have also undergone extensive quality testing. 

All of this comes together to give you a powerful compound that decreases the release of histamines, reduces skin irritation and bolsters immunity on various levels. 

Supplement Composition (Per Serving)

  •   Quercetin (Quercetin Dihydrate) – 1,000mg 


  • It has a very large dose of quercetin per serving.
  • It releases potent antioxidant compounds into the body.
  • It’s free of gluten, GMOs, sugar and animal products.
  • It carries third-party product certification.
  • It effectively limits the release of histamines, and its quercetin oxidants foster increased cellular health and activity. 


  • Its magnesium stearate content may disagree with some users.
  • Its quercetin dehydrated content has low solubility in water which may affect its absorption rate.


4. Sandhu’s Quercetin Bioflavonoids Capsules

This is the second Sandhu’s quercetin product on our list. While the previous Sandhu’s product contained 800 mg of quercetin, this one has been boosted to 1,000 mg, allowing for even more health benefits!

The form of quercetin it contains, Sophora Japonica, limits the effects of free radicals and brings forth the true potency in quercetin antioxidants. Its influence on cardiovascular health shows promising results when it comes to maintaining your well-being.

In addition to this, it also powerfully bolsters your immune system’s defenses and improves your body’s response to inflammation.

And, while the interactions between quercetin and blood pressure medications are yet to be fully explored, this supplement may be taken to further complement their effects.

Supplement Composition (Per Serving)

  •   Quercetin (Sophora Japonica) – 1,000 mg


  • It has a high concentration of quercetin.
  • It protects the body against skin irritation and free radicals.
  • It promotes better cardiovascular health.
  • It may help relieve oxidative stress.
  • It helps maintain better blood pressure levels.
  • It’s made from quality-tested ingredients that have high solubility in water. 


  •  The product may trigger feelings of depression.


5. Jarrow Formulas Quercetin Veggie Caps

A very common component in most quercetin liquid and quercetin-ascorbate powder substances is bromelain. While bromelain is a substance that can help you ward off the occasional runny nose and eye floater, it doesn’t always agree with people.

So, if you’d rather avoid all that unpleasantness, and you also don’t want to take 10 drops of quercetin supplements or multiple tablets or capsules, Jarrow Formulas’ organic compounds and formulation might do you some good.

You only have to swallow one capsule a day to get 500 mg of quercetin. Granted, this might not have as high a nutrient supply as many of its counterparts. However, we believe it more than makes up for this with its fast-acting nature and large bottle.

This particular brand has one of the largest quercetin capsule counts you’ll find anywhere today! This means it can easily last you for more than 6 months. 

Supplement Composition (Per Serving)

  •  Quercetin – 500 mg 


  • It comes in a simple and easy-to-consume daily capsule.
  • It comes from an established name in the supplement-making industry.
  • It has a very large number of servings per container.
  • It’s the ideal choice for people who have reactions to bromelain-containing supplements.
  • It’s vegan-diet compatible.
  • It promotes cardiovascular health and ensures a strong immune system. 


  •   It’s more expensive. 


4. Life Extension Vitamin C and Bio-Quercetin Phytosome

The last dietary supplement on our list also has a lower supply of quercetin. However, it more than makes up for this with the massive supply of ascorbic acid it infuses your body with.

This quercetin flavonoid antioxidant supplement and Vitamin C-rich capsule helps you make the most of each day. First, it helps your body to readily absorb iron as well as increase collagen buildup.

In addition to this, it fortifies your immune system and makes you more resistant to the effects of the most common allergens. The best part of the deal is that you also get 250 servings from each bottle, helping you stay healthy for longer.

Supplement Composition (Per Serving)

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) – 1,000 mg
  • Bio-Quercetin Phytosome – 15 mg 


  • It gives cells multiple layers of immune-boosting.
  • You get a massive number of  servings per container.
  • It’s an Amazon’s Choice product.
  • It’s very effective at limiting the impact of allergies.
  • It’s gluten, GMO, and additive-free.
  • It’s a good value for the price. 


  • The pills are large so they may be a bit difficult to swallow.
  •  Its quercetin supply may be too little for some users. 



1.   Are Quercetin Liquid Drop and Capsule Supplements FDA-Approved?

No, they aren’t.

However, third-party lab testing has shown that these products are safe and effective.

2.   What’s the Maximum Amount of Quercetin I Can Take Daily?

1,000 mg.

However, if you’re just starting the supplement, we recommend that you start at 500 mg. 

3.   Can Quercetin Cause My Heart Beat to Increase?

If it contains bromelain, then yes.

If you want to enjoy this supplement without that drawback, make sure you use a bromelain-free product.

4.   Can I Start Taking Quercetin Supplements Right Away?


Even though this is a naturally-occurring substance, it’s always best to consult a health professional before you add it to your diet. That way, you know for certain whether it’s right for your body or not.


Quercetin liquid drops and capsules protect your brain, relieve blood pressure, and have various anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Each product we’ve recommended helps you get the most of all these properties and more!

Click here to learn more about other great dietary supplements.  



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