Boost Your Immune System with the Best Quercetin Powder

Boost Your Immune System with the Best Quercetin Powder!

Having a healthy immune system is important for all individuals. The immune system is the body’s main defense mechanism against all kinds of disease-causing germs and viruses, and a person with poor immune health is likely to face disproportionate consequences to the simplest of infections.

What’s even more interesting, maintaining strong immunity is a piece of cake! You only have to make sure that you get all of the vitamins your body needs from your diet or dietary supplements. One amazing and highly effective supplement in this area is quercetin powder.

This supplement comes in the form of a powder-filled hard capsule that is easy to ingest and digest. However, finding the most authentic and premium ones can prove challenging in today’s saturated market.

So, if you want to boost your immune system with the help of simple capsules, then you have come to the right place!

In this article, we review the six most highly rated quercetin powders on the market today. We also discuss the effects of quercetin supplementation in detail. Read on to learn more!

What is Quercetin?

Quercetin is among the major flavonoids found in our diets. Flavonoids are a group of plant compounds that regulate cell cycle and activity. They also fight against free radicals which can cause oxidative stress if left unchecked.

As a plant pigment, quercetin is present in a lot of plant-based foods. These include onions, berries, kale, apples, and even green tea. On average, individuals consume around 10 to 100 mg of it every day through their regular diet.

Naturally, the quercetin molecule only has links with sugar molecules. There is no other substance involved. However, in supplements, it is present as a sole quercetin molecule or quercetin dihydrate molecule, which means it is attached to one or many water molecules.

Sometimes, the supplements also contain other components to improve performance. For example, quercetin supplements sometimes come with bromelain or vitamin C. Both of these substances improve its absorption in the human body.

Properties of Quercetin

Quercetin holds a special place amongst plant compounds and is known for the numerous benefits it can provide. Its ability to lessen the intensity of severe medical conditions lies in its unique chemical composition.

Also known as C15H10O7, quercetin exhibits three prominent categorical properties. These include:

Antioxidant Properties

An antioxidant refers to a substance capable of protecting cells from damage inflicted by free radicals which are unstable molecules released during the oxidation process.

Quercetin has antioxidant properties and helps by shielding cells from any potential harm. This maintains cell health and enables them to carry out activities free from the damaging effects of stress.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is another word for swelling and pain. It can occur when chemical substances from white blood cells enter the bloodstream or tissues to fight invading germs. Quercetin possesses the ability to reduce swelling by blocking the substances cause it.

Antiproliferative Properties

When taken in appropriate amounts, quercetin also has the ability to prevent the spread of potentially harmful cells into surrounding tissues. These include malignant or tumor cells which means that quercetin has anti-cancer properties as well.

Health Effects Of Quercetin

With so many beneficial properties, quercetin offers plenty of health benefits too. A high-strength dose of it will instantly improve your mood and reduce pain in the body. And, a consistent intake over months yields even more amazing results.

One study concluded that quercetin can be used to combat aging. It eliminates aging cells and reduces the signs of aging in older individuals. Another review recorded increased endurance during exercise by those who took quercetin.

Here are the four significant benefits of quercetin:

Boosts Immune Health

Quercetin protects the cells from damage and reduces oxidative stress. In turn, this supports the body’s defense mechanism and enables it to be strong enough to fight off foreign molecules.

Reduces Inflammation

Generally, inflammation in the body causes slight redness and warmth. However, it can also trigger severe pain and high body temperatures. Since quercetin has anti-inflammatory properties, it eases the swelling and stress in muscles.

Lowers Risk of Chronic Brain Disorders

Chronic brain disorders refer to the existence of brain damage that results in permanent impairment. Such disorders include dementia, alzeihmers, and dystonia. Research shows that consuming quercetin can help lower the symptoms of chronic brain disorders in affected individuals and reduces the overall risk of acquiring these disorders in healthy people.

Improves Cardiac Health

Several human studies conducted by researchers found that quercetin had a positive impact on the heart health of participants. People who took in at least 500 mg of quercetin in the form of supplements saw a decrease in diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Also, the plant pigment also helps regulate blood sugar levels. Thus, it is also beneficial for diabetics with complications.

How Do You Take Quercetin Powder?

The quercetin powder usually comes in capsule form. You can either swallow it using water, or you can open the capsule and mix the powder in your meal.

Since we all consume quercetin daily through food, you should watch how much of your supplement you take daily. The recommended daily value of of quercetin is 75 to 250 mg. You can consume this amount all at once or divide it into two doses.

Individuals with diets lacking plant-based foods may have higher requirements ranging from 500 to 1000mg. Do not consume the substance in higher doses than this without first speaking to a doctor.

Although quercetin is generally safe to use, it may cause mild side effects. These include headaches, tingling sensations, and nausea. Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid quercetin consumption.

Also, people with kidney diseases should take these supplements with caution as consuming more than 1g of quercetin can cause damage to the kidneys.

Reviews of the Best Quercetin Powders

1. Amazing Formulas Quercetin

The Amazing Formulas Quercetin powder is indeed amazing. It comes in a bottle containing 120 capsules which will last you four months if you take one capsule a day.

It contains 500 mg of average strength Quercetin. The antioxidant properties reduce irritation and damage caused by free radicals. Plus, the anti-inflammatory effects lower inflammation in various parts of the body.

What’s more, each capsule has a small vegetarian shell for easy swallowing. You can also open it up and mix it in with a drink. However, this opening design may become loose and spread some powder in the packaging.

Key Ingredients 

  • Quercetin (500mg)


  • 120 capsules
  • Average strength
  • Vegetarian
  • FDA approved
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


  • Loose powder


2. NOW Foods Quercetin Supplement

NOW FOODS Quercetin Supplement packs the goodness of quercetin as well as bromelain into one capsule. The unique vegan/vegetarian formula ensures you can benefit from the positive effects of both!

The supplement comes in a bottle of 240 capsules that is sure to last you a long time. Plus, each capsule contains 800 mg of highly concentrated quercetin and 165 mg of bromelain, so a single capsule a day should bring forth excellent results.

You will experience a boost in the immune system and respiratory function thanks to quercetin. In addition, the bromelain works side by side to improve your immunity against harsh environmental factors.

The NOW Foods Supplement uses a non-GMO, kosher, and gluten-free formula. It has also received an A-rating GMP certification which serves to further validate the quality of the product.

Key Ingredients

  • Quercetin (800mg)
  • Bromelain (165 mg)


  • 240 capsules in a single bottle
  • Good strength
  • Non-GMO & safe
  • Vegan/vegetarian formula
  • Includes bromelain


  • Not so easy to swallow


3. NatureBell Quercetin Supplement

NatureBell leaves all other competitors behind by packing incredibly high concentrations of quercetin into a single capsule. The 1000 mg strength makes it possible to reap instant results by consuming just one capsule per day.

Since these capsules contain pure quercetin, you will experience no adverse side effects. Instead, you will experience the anti-inflammatory effects commonly associated with quercetin consumption. This should coincide with a substantial reduction in pain and chronic inflammation.

These capsules also boost immunity and reduce the risk of heart disease. They are convenient and easy to swallow. You may also open up the shell and mix it in with your food if you’d like.

However, this design may cause the capsule to open and spill powder into the container. To compensate for this drawback, the manufacturer does offer a free bottle with the second purchase.

Key Ingredients

  • Quercetin (1000mg)


  • 240 capsules
  • High strength
  • Non-Gmo
  • Quality tested
  • Easy to use


  • Loose powder


4. Tinoq Store Purity Quercetin Capsules

From packaging to product, this Tinoq Store Purity Quercetin Bottle is a premium-grade product. It houses 120 quercetin powder-filled hard capsules, and each capsule contains fine, yellow powder of 1000 mg high-strength quercetin.

The quercetin content packed in these capsules is 95% pure. Although the capsules are slightly large, they digest quickly once ingested, so you can expect swift and effective results.

The ethically sourced and extracted quercetin will deliver antioxidant effects which can help improve some health conditions. The high concentrations of quercetin will also lower muscle and chronic pain while increasing energy levels.

Key Ingredients 

  • Quercetin (1000mg)


  • Premium grade quercetin
  • High-strength
  • Quality tested
  • Good quantity (120 capsules)


  • Large capsules


5. Sandhu’s Quercetin Vegetarian Capsules

The Sandhu’s Quercetin Vegetarian Capsules pack the same amount of capsules as most competitors (120 capsules), however, if adhering to the recommended dosage of two per day, the bottle won’t last you as long as other products.

Regardless, the quality of these quercetin supplements outweighs this drawback. These Sandhu’s capsules comprise the highest quality of 1000 mg quercetin because the manufacturer extracts its quercetin from the flower buds grown on sophora japonica trees, which is known for its powerful antioxidant properties.

You will experience a noticeable difference in pain and energy levels as well as a boosted mood. The quercetin also has protective effects on cardiac health, improving blood flow through the body’s circulatory system.

Key Ingredients

  • Quercetin (1000mg)


  • Pure quercetin
  • High strength
  • GMP quality
  • Easy-to-use


  • Less quantity


6. Pure Encapsulations Quercetin Supplement

The Pure Encapsulations Quercetin Powder-filled Hard Capsules are one of the premium options available in the market and for all the right reasons!

They come in a pack of 120 capsules that are small so you can swallow them quite easily without concern. However, if you prefer mixing the supplement with food, you can also open it up fairly easily.

Since the capsules pack 500 mg of quercetin in each vegetarian capsule, you can expect an average-strength performance. The capsule will increase your energy levels and overall immunity.

However, in order to take advantage of quercetin’s strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, we recommend taking two a day Keep in mind though that if If you choose to take more than one a day, the 120 capsules bottle won’t last as long.

Key Ingredients

  • Quercetin (500mg)


  • Premium quality
  • Easy-to-use
  • Non-GMO & safe
  • Vegetarian formula


  • Less quantity


Final Thoughts

All in all, quercetin powder is an effective way to boost your immunity and overall health. If you do not consume plant-based foods often, then consuming quercetin powder supplements is a great way to meet your daily requirements. When you take any of these products, you should notice positive differences in your energy levels and mood.

Our best pick from this collection of quercetin supplement capsules was the NOW Foods quercetin supplement. It contained a large supply of premium, high-strength quercetin powder. Plus, it also included bromelain to boost its absorption in your body.

For the price point, the NOW Foods supplement is one of the more affordable products on this list. We highly recommend it to those who do not adhere to a plant-based diet.

Do you have other quercetin supplement suggestions? If so, feel free to share your experience with us below. We would love to hear about it!

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